The Environment

    • Virtually 100% of our paper purchases are from paper companies that harvest trees from decades old tree farms specifically planted, harvested, and replanted to provide an ongoing source of non-public paper pulp.
    • We recycle tons of paper each and every month. Frankly, it is a lot of work and effort, with a buy-back revenue stream that covers only a small fraction of the cost of our efforts. That's OK, we believe it to be a very valuable effort.
    • We use recycled papers whenever possible, and encourage others to do the same.
    • We use inks and toners that are recyclable.
    • We use chemicals and solvents that are almost 100% water soluble, bio-degradable, and recyclable. They are often more expensive, but we consider these products to be a wise investment.
    • We have implemented programs to reduce our electrical consumption and to minimize the usage of all raw materials.
    • A very important way that we urge our customers to partner with us in our environment efforts is by using our digital/internet ordering, proofing, and reordering system. Use of our digital ordering system enables all of us to save substantial amounts of gasoline and other raw materials.
    • If you have suggestions about how we could further limit our environmental impact, please call us with your ideas.